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Social and sustainable projects supported by Goodwave

Goodwave, together with its partners, supports sustainable and social projects around the world. Our products have vision. They support children in need, our environment and much more.
Here we want to introduce you to some of these projects:


7PLIS is our partner for rings and earrings and a new brand for glasses and accessories. These are made in France and are recycled from broken skateboards. So an old skateboard is given a new life and no new resources are used.

Appreciating old skateboards in this way is the somewhat crazy, but very brilliant idea of Florent Baraban, optician and creator of the brand.

The broken Skateboards are collected all over France from amateur and professional skaters and then recycled in Nancy.

All in all an exemplary project to recycle used products.

We are happy to have 7PLIS as a partner.

Project Nepal

With the Nepal project, Goodwave supports children in need in a small mountain village in the Himalayas. Over 70% of every sold "Nepal Bundle", which contains a necklace and a keychain, will be donated to this exemplary project. With the help of this project, a school could already be built, school materials procured and toys bought.

The products of the "Nepal Bundle" are all manufactured on site. In this way we not only help to finance schools etc., but also arrange work.

We are happy that we can help children live a dignified life with education and fun.

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More will come ...

We are always looking for other projects that we can support. We hope to be able to present more projects to you soon.